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Best Healthy Recipes


Is the food you eat healthy? Does it contain all the proteins, minerals and vitamins essentials? If you don’t already know, it’s high time you realize what exactly are you consuming.

The three meals of the day have to be healthy and on time; if possible stretch them to five or six smaller meals. If you are a working in an office or are a salesperson, you will tend to order some fast food, as and when you are hungry. This is a very unhealthy idea.

Make an effort, and cook something healthy. Salads with fruits and vegetables are a very healthy meal for all ages. It provides you with a lot of energy and keeps you fit. A lot of doctors and dieticians recommend salad meal at least once in a day. If you get bored eating the same salad everyday, add new flavors, and bring in a greater variety and try different methods of preparing salads. Grilled, baked, and steamed food is always advisable.

Many people do not eat healthy because most of them cannot give up the foods they like, which is fattening, but tasty. You can always add non-vegetarian items like boiled chicken, grilled pieces of steak,and egg white. This is mainly for people, who do not want to give up a steak easily. You can always search online for healthy recipes of foods that contain your favorite steak, etc. Avoid eating fat content foods like egg yolk, bread, rice, sugar and sweets. Try brown and whole wheat bread and brown rice and brown sugar instead. There is always a healthy alternative for your taste of food.

In your recipes, always use ingredients that are sugar free, cholesterol free and fat free. This helps you remain fit and reduces risks to your cardio vascular system.

Know simple facts like:

  • · Avoid using too much oil
  • · Do not overeat
  • · Use right ingredients
  • · White and lean meats are better than fatty red meat
  • · Dairy based products are fattening
  • · Avoid deep fried foods
  • · Processed food is not all that great, though it might taste good
  • · Junk food is filling but not healthy.
  • · Olive oil is the best cooking medium, if at all you want to deep-fry something.
  • · Instead of frying, stir-fry your vegetables.

Find time to search for food facts, what alternatives you can have etc. Learn ways to make meals with less fattening and yet healthy and tasty. Remember it’s not only for you, but your family as well.

Your recipe should never contain a lot of non-vegetarian food, especially if you are serving dinner because non-vegetarian food takes a bit longer to digest. Fruits and vegetables in all your food are healthy. If you have decided to cook and eat healthy food, check the difference in your weight, skin, freshness and concentration just in a few weeks.